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This calibrated defence cosiness

25 Décembre 2020

There was also the concomitant rise of Hamas, the roots of which lay in the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, its terror campaign undermining Arafat. Lack of expertise around the PM and seeing Islam through the prism of terrorism and Pakistan is naive, or...

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Toss the fish in the salad

15 Décembre 2020

Add rest of the ingredients, mix. Dredge fish into the mixture; shake off any excess flour, deep fry till crisp. Remove seed.Signature Guacamole SaladIngredientsRipe avocado 200 gm two small pieces, or a big oneTomatoes, seeds and pulp removed (chopped)...

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The participants shall not hold on to the tail

2 Décembre 2020

Unlike the 1965 anti-Hindi agitation, which began after months of campaigning by the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), the ‘Tamil Spring’, the name given to jallikattu protests, had no origin in a political party and was started by students with no political...

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After flopping in the first two matches

24 Novembre 2020

Karun Nair, who scored a brilliant triple hundred in the fifth and final Test against England in Chennai, Spring temper furnace is expected to be chosen in place of Rahane whom he also replaced in the Test team.Karnatakas Rahul missed the ODI series against...

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The rebels included home-grown

11 Novembre 2020

Till then Aleppo, Syria’s commercial centre, had been largely supportive of the Assad government.First reports of "liberation" speak of the violation of the ceasefire brokered by Russia and Turkey and summary executions of dozens of people by the Army...

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